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Daphne on:
dhr Veenstra on:
I am very happy with this cream as a bicycle accident had left me with a scar on my face. After using Biodermal for 2 months I changed to Staudt cream. Right away the itch dissapeared and the scar changed shape. Now the scar is almost completely gone. Highly recommended!
Jessica on:
I used to have quite a lot of problems with pigmentation spots and small scars (from pimpels) in my face. I have used this cream as a night cream and after about 6 months my facial skin has gotten a lot smoother and there is almost nothing left to see of the old scars! I am very satisfied with this cream.
Bregtje Schuurm on:
Very happy about this cream, my son had gotten hot tea over his chest. They said his wounds were second-degree burns and that he possibly had to undergo surgery. After 3 months of using the cream his chest was scar-free.